- CADAQUES, an absolute presence - 2021
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- I buried my father next week 
Short movie : 11 mn
Realization, concept : Nathalie Bagarry
Production : RAF Production

- FUNNY VALENTINE, We'll have to walk towards these oranges ... 
Short movie : 22 mn
Teaser: 1,59
realization, concept and production Nathalie Bagarry

What I did know was the announcement of breast cancer at age 48.
What I didn't know was what I was going to film.
This woman half by the river sings an Argentine story, the thread of two bodies, the inner vein, a revelation in the early morning in Cadaques in Catalonia ...

It's a choice.
I never know what I'm going to film, but when "the choice" came up, I know how to recognize it, and this moment, precisely, I know how to record.
I photograph, I film intuitively and spontaneously.
Life, experience is matter. I am gathering matter

Maybe I will die,
I do not want to die
I will not die



Teaser 2,25
movie: 08 mn
realization and concept Nathalie Bagarry

teaser movie THE BRIDGE OF SALT from bagarry nathalie on Vimeo.

The short film LE PONT DU SEL consists of still and animated images.

At the edge of the Mediterranean sea, He questions beings in superimpositions that intersect in the wire of the generations. From fiction to autobiography is an incessant quest, balancing a path to heaven.

Agnès courrault