OMU 2012/2014 (extrait)

The series consists of 80 black and white diptychs.

We could all be models for OMU series. Because we're all a sample of the beautiful , human and carnal . Similarly, any skin texture is inherently photogenic. But it is matter of genetics here is that of the (human) kind as well as that of the genesis (sexual ) . How then, witness this carnal identity constantly changing ?
The strength of the frame is to serve an aesthetic of the fragment. Failing to to include the infinite diversity of body, duotone student gender species . Broken and cracked , men are no less unique , by this same duality : strength and weakness. The dissection is only apparent , because mankind is revealed in the fascinating case of the male, itself so diverse ; or the body in general and in particular our skin is a place to share with the world and with others; and this is a result of the skin that must go.
The flesh is sharing and passing . Strong , the body is bent to live, want to love . Weak, it suffers, screams and then dies. It is dual : life force and fear to see . Hands to see his eyes closed . The black and white reduces the intransigence of this break as the strengths and weaknesses of the body give it to see fewer floods.
When she dangled skin , photography details infinity. Tissues and appendages , dermis and hair , veins and arteries are nothing less than a mass of cells, crowding themselves within them life. The curveball plunges us immediately into the empire of flesh.

Damien Poublanc