Photographs and video installation

Silver prints made by the author
Size: 30x40 cm

Teaser of the short film LE PONT DU SEL in the gallery "Videos"

(extract texts and images)
I will not do a selfie
I want to be here and nowhere else

I grew up in the Wind Bergerie
Right eye mimosa
Left pinion fallen from pine
Fishing Dawn
Voice of Spider
Sand arm
Asphalt burning under trotignolles

Salt Road
It's blue in the afternoon
Song of turtle doves during summer child naps

What is retained?
So little, everything, nothing

I did not know those women who gave birth well before my arrival and I do not know how they became a woman
A trembling of lips, thighs in the night or the dawn of a smile

not said, not known
Just an interference
How many "invisible loyalties" carry my body?